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SCR denitrification process system

SCR chemistry mechanism:
In the low-temperature catalytic reduction reaction, the flue gas temperature is about 160°C, and gaseous ammonia is directly injected into the furnace as a reducing agent to reduce nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and water.

The main reaction:
       4NO + 4NH3 + O2 → 4N2 + 6H2O(1)
       6NO2 +8NH3 → 7N2+ 12H2O(2)
       For most of the reactions, equation (1) is the main reaction, and the amount of ammonia required to be added depends on the amount of nitrogen oxides removed plus the amount of escaped ammonia.

SCR key elements:
1) Key one: The temperature at which the catalyst operates (150-400°C).
2) The key two: the amount of catalyst.

SCR reactor and bypass flue

SCR system operation interface
Catalyst lifting
Ammonia transfer unit
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